Premium Quality Free Hosted PPTP VPN Service

Many people are worried with their security while browsing the internet websites, some people are not able to access many popular multimedia and social network sites, and some people want to speed-up their video and music downloads as much as possible. The possible solution to solve all of these problems is what we are offering here: Free and High Quality Online Hosted VPN Services from USA, Canada and UK !

A VPN server functions as secure packets forwarder between the user’s computer systems and the web hosts. When using the Virtual Private Network connection, the information which expected from the web server will come to VPN server first, then in turn the VPN system will transmit the data back to browser’s computer. By this it prevents any unauthorized access to user’s computer. Because clients are assigned with private VPN IP address, user’s online security is guaranteed that no one will be able to know what’s IP is and where the user come from – extremely convenient and useful for many scenarios.

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VPN servers also have other advantages more than just providing online security and privacy. The free VPN hosting services can be used to access websites which are blocking the IP range of the countries where the users are accessing from. Plus in many areas ISPs ban particular websites based on website IP address or hostname, by using a Online VPN service, users can easily unblock those well-known popular websites and back to get access to those valuable internet resources. VPN tunneling can even be used to speed-up transfer speed as they reduce the end-to-end ping time through the high performance VPN backbone connections from the best data centers we choose all over the world.

Comparing to many paid PPTP or OpenVPN based VPN services over the market, our hosted VPN service has many advantages: Absolutely FREE, No software installation, No SpyWare, No AdWare, Extremely easy to configure, Working with all platforms and mobile phones etc. The simplicity of VPN plays significant reason that why it’s so popular in now days over every corner of the internet world.

Unlike many low quality short life time VPN service over Internet, Free Hosted VPN service focus on providing premium quality VPN services in a long term base, and 100% for FREE! offers many advantages with the VPN free hosting Services, including but not limited to:

  • Uses only the best data centers in North America and Europe for state-of-the-art Internet connection quality;
  • VPN service are provided from three different countries: USA, Canada & UK;
  • Fully anonymous access - User has complete privacy when surfing websites;
  • 128 bits MPPE Encryption and MS-CHAP 2.0 Authentication supported;
  • No annoying popup advertisements or banners;
  • No software installation needed, no virus, no internet worm, no spyware;
  • Working with popular video streaming websites like, BBC iPlayer TV etc.;
  • And of course, it helps to hide user’ real IP address, unblock websites and bypass internet restrictions.

Now go checking our free VPN hosting service in different countries and start your brand new Web browsing experience, and enjoy internet surfing! Be noticed, no any spam, fraud or attack allowed by using the service, in case of abuse the detail VPN access logs will be reported to related authorities when needed.